Accordion Classes at Cascadia

If you have questions about these classes or how to place yourself, email Randal Bays.

We only teach the button accordion - The button accordion is the instrument generally used in Irish traditional music, although there are some fine piano accordion players as well. Since our classes are geared towards the button accordion, there would be very little crossover with the piano accordion so we don't recommend these classes for players of that instrument.

Advanced/Intermediate - The actual content of the advanced classes is left up to the individual instructor, but you can expect to learn some good tunes and get deep into the fingering and ornamentation. Josephine plays and teaches the 2-row button accordion., primarily on a B/C box but our classes will offer plenty of help in basic technique for both B/C and C#/D players. Please do NOT place yourself in this class if you don't fit the guidelines below.

Guidelines for placement in accordion classes

Advanced/Intermediate - You should have mastered the basic skills of playing the button accordion, know where the notes are on the instrument and be able to play with a steady rhythm. You should have at least a few Irish traditional tunes that you can play with confidence. This is not a class for beginning players.

Accordion Teacher at Cascadia

Josephine Marsh