Flute Classes at Cascadia

If you have questions about these classes or how to place yourself, email Randal Bays.

Advanced / Intermediate The actual content of the classes is left up to the individual instructor, but you can expect to learn some good tunes, get into the playing and ornamentation of various kinds of dance tunes, breathing, etc. 

Guidelines for placement in flute and whistle classes

Advanced / Intermediate - You should have mastered beginning skills, be able to tune your instrument to play with others, keep steady time, play the principal scales cleanly (D and G major), and know how to play some Irish tunes with confidence. Ideally you'll have been playing traditional Irish flute music regularly for a while and are comfortable playing in any octave with smooth control of air flow.

Flute Teachers at Cascadia

Eamonn Cotter  

Patsy Hanly