Concertina Classes at Cascadia

If you have questions about these classes or how to place yourself, email Randal Bays.

We only teach "anglo" concertina - The "anglo" concertina gets a different note depending on whether you're pushing or pulling the bellows, whereas the "English" concertina gets the same note. Almost all Irish style concertina players use the "anglo".

Advanced / Intermediate - The actual content of the advanced classes is left up to the individual instructor, but you can expect to learn some good tunes and get into the fingering and ornamentation of Irish tunes. 

Introductory (4th Period only) - If you're new to the instrument and want to get a good start with an excellent teacher, here is your golden opportunity. We will have several loaner instruments available on a first come, first served basis during the week. - Taught by Jason Kies

Guidelines for placement in concertina classes

Advanced / Intermediate - You should have mastered the basic skills of playing the anglo concertina, know where the notes are on the instrument and be able to play with a steady rhythm. You should have at least a few Irish traditional tunes that you can play with confidence.

Introductory - This class is for those who are new to the instrument or still in the beginning stages of learning. You'll get help with holding the instrument properly, playing the principal scales found in Irish music, the basics of ornamentation, repertoire building and more.

Concertina Teachers at Cascadia

Tim Collins

Francis Cunningham