Fiddle Classes at Cascadia

Please read the following carefully before registering. If you have questions about these classes or how to place yourself, email Randal Bays.

Advanced - The actual content of the advanced classes is left up to the individual instructor, but you can expect to learn some good tunes, get into the bowing and ornamentation of various kinds of dance tunes, etc. Remember that in the advanced classes you'll be expected to play on your own in front of the class and work on a tune with the instructor, sometimes referred to as a "master class". If you're uneasy about that you will do well to go for the intermediate classes instead.

Intermediate - Similar to the advanced classes, but you won't have to worry about playing in front of the class. Also the pace of the tune learning as well as the tempos of the tunes themselves will be slower.

Introductory - If you're new to the instrument and want to get a good start with an excellent teacher, here is your golden opportunity. The class will also be a good choice if you already play the instrument a bit but want to learn about Irish traditional music.

Guidelines for placement in fiddle classes

Advanced - You should be able to play an Irish reel solo, at a good clip (at least 92 on the metronome), also a jig and a hornpipe, without pauses or stumbling and with good ornamentation. As this is the advanced class you should be comfortable playing in front of the class, master class style.

Intermediate - You should have mastered beginning skills, be able to tune your instrument to play with others, keep steady time, play the principal scales (D, G and A major) cleanly, and know how to play a few tunes with confidence.

Introductory - This class is for students who seek an introduction to the instrument and/or to Irish music played on the fiddle. You'll learn how to hold the fiddle and bow, how to finger the notes in the left hand and play in tune, etc.

Fiddle Teachers at Cascadia 2022

Randal Bays

Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle

Antoin MacGabhann

Advanced Fiddle

Intermediate Fiddle

James Kelly

Advanced Fiddle

Intermediate Fiddle

Nathan Gourley

Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle