General Information

General Information, Cascadia Irish Music Week 2022

CIMW staff:

Joe McDonough – Program Director

Randal Bays – Artistic Director

Brendan Boyle – Core Volunteer

Doug Mahoney – Core Volunteer

Marcia Peterson – Core Volunteer

Diane Murphy – Core Volunteer

Eileen Sullivan – Core Volunteer

For help during the week:

[Cell phone signal is sketchy for most service providers, try email first]

Housing, bedding, etc.: Conference Services (360) 867-6199 (or go to the office in Bldg. A)

Classes, camp stuff: (before 6pm) Diane Murphy 206-851-4658

(after 6pm) Marcia Peterson 206-604-5719

Emergencies: Call 911 or the main Evergreen number 360-867-6000

Address: The Evergreen State College 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW, Olympia, WA 98505

Our “office” in Bldg. E, lower level, will be staffed during meal times, also there will be a bulletin board where announcements will be posted.

Campus Map:


We will be using Parking Lot F on the north side of the campus (see map). Credit card payments are made at the F Lot Parking Kiosk and should be made by 8:00am on Monday. You’ll need to provide your license number. It may possible to purchase a weekly

Arrival and departure

Check-in on Sunday is at Building A (see map). Our staff will check you in at an outdoor table and show you where to find your lodgings. Please plan to arrive at Evergreen between 3pm and 5pm on Sunday, August 7th. Late arrivals please check in at the Conference Services window in Dormitory A, first floor. Everyone must be checked out and departing the Evergreen campus no later than 11 am on Saturday, August 13th.

Room keys

If you lose or fail to return your room key the College will charge you $250.


Our first scheduled event is dinner on Sunday at 5pm in the Greenery, in the College Activities Building (CAB, see Map), followed by the Welcome Meeting at 6pm in the Longhouse. This will be an informal introduction to the teachers and the Ceol Cascadia committee. Sessions will follow. Classes begin Monday morning (see the schedule). The schedules included in this packet will be your guide to what's happening when. There's a weekly schedule, a daily class schedule and an evening activities schedule.

“Teacher Talks”

Monday through Friday we'll have informal talks with the teachers in room C1105. There will be two of these talks per day, right after lunch (1 – 1:30 pm) and right after dinner (6 – 6:30 pm). The teachers will talk about their background with the music and will take questions as time allows. The schedule will be posted on the Office door.

Tune learning

During Sessions 3 and 4 each day we will have a Tune Learning class. These are tentatively scheduled for Room C1105 but we're hoping to find an outdoor space for them. In each class, one of our teachers will teach a tune of their choice, by ear.

Video and audio recording

Please remember that shooting video in the classes is not allowed at Cascadia Irish Music Week. Audio recording is OK. Feel free to shoot video at concerts, sessions, etc., just not in the classes. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Office Hours

We will have our camp Office in “E” dorm, lower level. Announcements will be posted in both the Office and the HCC. The Office will be open during meal times and at various other times.

Wi-Fi / Cell phones

There is a free wi-fi signal at TESC, but be aware that cell phone signal can be unreliable.


See the evening activities schedule for times and locations of organized sessions. There will be both “guided” and “free-range” sessions in the evenings, led by our instructors. Sessions often spring up in the lodging area. With everyone concerned about Covid-19, please be sure you check with your podmates and make sure they’re OK with having tunes in your pod. The front porches are great spots and there will be small tents in addition to the big tent.

Wednesday Night Piping Concert

We’ll have a special concert on Wednesday night featuring the uilleann pipes, starting at 8pm in the Longhouse. Performers will be Mick O’Brien and Preston Howard Wilde (Portland). This concert is for Cascadia attendees only.

Thursday Night Dance

On Thursday we'll have our Dance Night starting at 8pm. The dance is scheduled for Room C1107, but we're hoping to move it outdoors, location TBA. Nancy Jarrell will guide us through some sets, a few ceili dances, waltzes, etc.

Friday Night Concert

Your CIMW name tag will be your ticket for the Friday Night Instructors' Concert. Members of the public may purchase tickets to attend this concert, so if you have friends who'd like to come, check with the office to buy extra tickets. Note: the number of tickets is very limited and it will sell out.

Meals and Cooking

Please make note of the hours during which meals are served. This year TESC will be giving people a plastic “meal card” with a magnetic strip. It has a hole punched in the top to hang from the key lanyard. Unfortunately, Einstein's bagels will not be open during Cascadia Week this year. Einstein’s has been our main source of espresso drinks, so coffee lovers be advised. :-)

On the plus side, the cooking ranges in the dorms will be working this year, as well as the microwaves. There are no pots and pans or cutlery. You may bring an electric tea kettle or coffee maker. There is a fridge in the kitchen area of each dorm pod.


Most restrooms on campus are unisex. There are non-unisex bathrooms on the 2nd floor of the Greenery restaurant (CAB)

The residence units are NOT air conditioned. The buildings are in the tall trees, but a small electric fan might be useful.

Linens and Laundry

Sheets, towels, etc. are included, no need to make special arrangements. Towels are available for daily exchange if left on the floor. You can visit the Conference Services office in A Dormitory for fresh linens as needed as well. Conference Services is staffed 24 hours a day.

Laundry is available on the bottom floor of A Dormitory as well as within the HCC Laundry room. You must purchase a card and then load money to the card. They are not coin-op machines.


Due to insurance issues and TESC policies, we must ask that you not invite visitors to drop in on classes or evening activities. We wish we could be more open to drop-ins but unfortunately we need to keep strict tabs on who is at the camp. Visitors are welcome to purchase tickets for the Friday night concert.

Saturday Departure

Breakfast will be served at the usual time on Saturday morning, and everyone needs to be moved out of the lodging no later than 11 am. Keys lost or not returned will result in a $250 charge by the College.

Quiet Hours?

Sessions are an important part of the Cascadia experience. They generally happen at night in and around the dorms and they might go on for hours. You can expect to hear beautiful music until the wee hours most nights, so if you're concerned about it, a pair of good earplugs is a great idea. Thanks!

Alcohol, etc. - Evergreen State allows alcoholic beverages inside the lodgings, also we will have a banquet license allowing us to have drinks at our evening sessions in the HCC building and the session tent. Other than those locations alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the TESC campus. In particular there's a strict no alcohol policy in the Longhouse, where the Friday night concert and other activities will be held. We're counting on everyone to conduct themselves appropriately and please remember that there will be other guests at TESC besides our group.

Smoking is prohibited on campus . The only exceptions are areas with signage set aside for smoking, designated smoking rooms in housing, areas outside of the central core and outside of housing. For areas outside of the central core and housing, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of a building opening, windows that open or ventilation intakes.

Also.... although marijuana use is legal in Washington State, it is still prohibited on the Evergreen State College Campus.

A full list of TESC's policies can be found at: